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Seven yuan wedding


For thousands of years, the traditional Chinese concept of the "marriage" is to get married,chanel long wallets ball pattern black 3666
so some shepherds nurtures the son say "the virgin money, money flock daughter-in-law, married a daughter-in-law married, gave birth to a son born son flock" stories. In fact, in China, especially those in rural areas, most of the generality of the flock despite not all, but basically all children in the story repeats shepherds.

In the 1960s, I would not repeat shepherd boy story, leave no stone unturned to change myself "shepherd boy" - into the identity as a monthly salary 30 yuan of private teacher (actually or farmers), so I was finally able to put the burden of bread-winner pick up, also basically recovered seven feet tall dignity. However, saying the rice full think charming, Lillian, I also get away common nature, plus is that love NN by me, I will definitely: she must be my life partner. So "marriage" - establish our own home, is our common goal. I always think, life as long as a goal, that is afraid this goal again, common to and conspiracies "shepherd boy" approximation and make modern feel poor, pathetic, also can make us product out the taste of life, and never put job as Labour.

It was a formal NN by teachers, monthly can get 35 wages, is still eating the national food 28 jins per month, teaching pretty well, but also is evaluated many times "red flag teacher". I do, a few children, with 30 showed is all-out efforts, is deep shan-li person respect. Although every normal range, but "living with all my heart, and my hair two," we can both in the letter one said, "said on its strings, when the moon in acacia, was as cloud return" days wherein the fun, former wrote the book "lamp, calculate don't preach countless individuals with" eyes the agony and helpless (FenShuiAo not links), and during the summer and winter vacation can in inseparable together, common experience with a "good night, no love from west building" let him under the appeal of the moon, common to chew "east west rain, tao is the sunrise without clear but fine" the listener.

However, the romantic easiness cannot change poor and severe reality: the family of five started NN by burden is heavy,moncler womens vest multiple logo pink
we can't be in maintaining two home eight, nine people living standard of at least a whiff of savings, outside to acquire even as conspicuous as the new object ZuoXing songzi, then the "3 big" : watches, bicycles and sewing machine, we a proverb: wait fuck! For us to talk about marriage is just about to marry, therefore, unreachable bitterness and we also often into among anxiety.

The reality of poverty for two sweet the anxiety caused by along with the passage of time more and more dense, give two families adult increasing pressure. My father for future daughter-in-law arrival every time, are the best efforts in reverential awe, besides his cooking trick possible outside, is shut himself into the room and took out his long smoke bar, constantly sucking the cheapest "shit HanYan feet leaf"; The mother for prospective son-in-law NN by my guest, only can do in their mind is the "seven root carry a grain of rice potatoes silk," rice steamer specially set aside a bowl of pure rice (I had a stomach trouble, especially sensitive to the potatoes and dorigo watched the little sibling, never allow they have "mating signal" behavior, the table, the little sibling are occasionally come the envy of eye glanced: let me deeply uneasy

Father, is never recall unfinished.


And the father of their life is a feeling,chanel evening handbags bags 2045 gold
it seems that feel die soon. Before he was hospitalized in thought is awake, once his sit at desks, finishing obtained his life of honor certificate and rearranging their representatives, containing various text decades accumulation data. Sit at desks all day, also don't talk. Father is ill after, words less and less, his abnormal behavior, but could not cause we seriously enough.

He suddenly cerebral infarction in hospital in Syria before aunt came to my house, volunteers. In Syria for volunteers when aunt photos, never controls for don't like father, tremble from the room and went to lofty before sofa, sit down and mother and volunteers took Abram aunt. We were both surprised, want to come now, father was intentional, he is to leave our last read thought. Can we besides amazing besides, didn't realize...

Also thanks to the father, now, the move that day in my computer can still see father shortly before dying looks. Father's this a painstaking, but almost be kid sister lost. She exists in the computer, and she does not remembered the address, almost can't find.

Incidence after be in hospital, father has been unable to speak. But I know,messenger bags 46516 grey
his thinking was there, awake. He pulled out oxygen and gastric tube several times, that is to bear the illnesses, is tired of to the world! But we are still afraid of him again cruelly detubation and tied his hands...

In 2002, for his father's mother is a feeling. Mother is not in favor of again let father endure hardships, but, as children, how to bear! Later, the hospital doctor is also the same view: rescue him, is actually gave him by sin. As a doctor, it is his responsibility to save their patients for such patients are concerned, but don't know is save him or against him.

If, early know irreparable father's life, still be inferior to let him quietly at home, so he went by how much less crime! Foreign is not also somebody puts forward euthanasia? Regret!!!

Father the night before leaving,christian louboutin apricot bow lutetium nails sandals
I hesitate to mother for ill just days overworked many body, said to his mother to take care of my father. At 11 o 'clock in also give his input nutrient, actually, father then cannot have melted. Including 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. and milk, the nutrient input Chinese herbal medicines, cannot digest, piling up in the stomach. I input, my father has been unable to bear, look at me, I don't understand in the eyes, father to his defeat, afraid lose enough...

Poor dad, stare big eyes looking at me, but can not say. I regret! I how so unfilial!

Night two minutes in the stomach, the father of all product that spit it out. By 7:05 a. m father forever left us. These days, the father stare big eyes looking at my look, always in my mind haunting and unforgettable. I kui! Every time I think of father, always can see his eyes of pain.

Father walk!


Later all no longer appear in our life!

Although, I have already 43 years old, son also 16, how say is that middle-aged people, can the inside of the heart still father having infinite sentimentally attached. A father in that do what matter all feel the backer, the father to me is that mountain, the mountain trail needs whole life!

Father walked 34 days, but his laugh, still clear,ugg classic knightsbridge boots black 5119
still in the mind. These days, when staring father's portrait, self memory almost forty years since father figure, scenes, as movie "emerge. Always dare not to think father really left, in unit looks ten years ago, the video to see his father screen, tears surge out.

I just remember, every mother is not at home, father do we eat fish to face. Father is unlikely to cook, do face put some green vegetables, fish will tell the cook the red tape. Father do face fish, salty, will put a lot of peacetime mother stint on the lard, especially delicious, we all like to eat. Home have sausages words, father may also do some rice evaporate bowel, put a quarter in the pot pig intestine. E. oil seeping into the pot, rice is really delicious.

Remember when little sister weaned from mother to avoid out, grandma, little sister evening want milk, crying out to mom. Father carried her, in the dark of night, standing in the farm, waiting for mother bridge. To coax sister, screamed for "big cattle, buffalo", half carried her turn leisurely, until she fell asleep.

Father on the surface, in fact, little sister lovingly of my heart, I know, his most. Maybe, because I am a son of my requirements more stringent some. Now I also became a father, also more understand the father's psychology. I was sorry father, failed to live up to his hope.

In 1978, father loaned to XuYiXian much tube innings. Every home,ed hardy men sweater 5951
always take us on farms can't eat. Sometimes a few lumps of sugar, sometimes is some snacks. Once, his father had brought a few banana, that but we have never eaten. But, because I haven't eaten, first bite just spit on the ground.


Wilted flower


Grandma's death was not unexpected, again like a drive to the flowering, although an ever-bright CanRan lucky expect another season but somehow doomed decline results. Years ago I went to visit her, she lonely, lying in bed, lower body motionless, only emaciated hands constantly put upon Sang mask the quilt of mulberry, like to extend to some pressure on unnecessary burdensome. One year, see not, and the years she weather-beaten face and a few word run deep wrinkles. Gently I called her, she opened two sound without god's eyes, seems to recognize me in the identity. But she finally lost ground shook his head, dry eyes without any change. Obviously, because her ideas are in chaos, so did not recognize me. Big jiu said her alzheimer's disease got worse, sober, less time during the day, to a quiet evening will be kept yelling. That is the first step in heaven hid her spite of people: her parents, her life, her roof childhood playmates, and some strange irrelevant name will appear in her balderdash. When the night like an angel wings covering the same sight,blogtransmission by louis vuitton handbags
that everyone as darkness light fog became her thoughts of heaven. Gallop She walked at a pace as soft breeze, walk in the childhood under the sky blue clear buddies open smile, walk in when beginning marry the pleasantly surprised pressured fluttery, walking in keep son feeding woman walking in the warm family happiness, hand in hand with your lover in every bit of conjugal love. In the night as the light smoke, her lonely as flowing clouds, the night is thus particularly bright.

Grandpa left, she walked on alone walking twenty four years. Now she finally go tired, want to find a clean peaceful place rest by others, don't bother. She jerk out abandon and she irrelevant, refuse to see those who once familiar face. Those are all open, toothy maw take from her flesh and spirit of people, including from her children, they just get away from her body is constantly take from her. For her breasts and arms, for her smile and inexhaustible love. She is a devout Christian, in her conscious for pilgrims proclaimed the bible before often. Compassion is the spirit of the Lord passion in her sitting in the open door with her move bundle and told her request to others is a crime. Until her soul basically has drifting on nearly dry body outside, she finally can ease is the only one to others for their claim: a few of SOB and neighbour sons and daughters of the tears and a crying.

She's gone, the sons of full hadn't kept a word.christian louboutin pink patent leather pump cla006
After I heard the news without much grief. This may be a blessing. So rigidly lie on the bed, somehow his broken leg was the doctor told because of the age of surgery, only lose big unfavorable nutrients drink liquid sustain life, the doctor's words easily put her sentenced to death. This world have too much wait, only wait for a family's death is the most frightening but again the most suffering the most helpless. Helplessly waiting for her blood drained, waiting for her breath from strong to faint, waiting for her eyes to dim from bright. In the mind is also lucky consolation: maybe that will all the past! But didn't pass before this mysterious state as if will never pass. Sometimes, people from the distance from death than to dead deathless of distance even disturbing even distant. In between, she finally emanates selected a target, this to the living and the dead is a enlightened's explaination.

I traveled from jiangnan grandma. Back in mourning Mother told me that my grandmother go very calm. That day, she had been closed eyes suddenly opened, look around before bed at keep people then went peacefully, without any pain. I fell on her LingQian tears. Remembering tearing her the day of thy skirts CanRan gamble like new, but, I that posture and exquisite, wind, a face walk bright smile where grandma, I find your fang trace?

The other for grandma uncle with the new includes processing, grandpa GuShi was from previously the place up out to burial. Responsible for reproductive bone and onlookers who speak up before the past can not help granddad harsh indirect scenery. Grandpa was born rich, from the house of books read bebop. When emulating da-zhai on village, digging ditches fix canal everywhere bright day hand carry almost tired lie prone nest, evening some young people still tease him speak archaic book. Grandpa is an extremely ambitious and extremely kind person, cannot bear brushed their interest, then simmered for fatigue they speak a quarter. The WuYi SanXia FengShenYanYi ", "and" the romance of The Three Kingdoms ", "the original novel, ancient prose, he cooked to fall back such as flow, I have ears to hear his comments with the novel about swordsmen of jin yong liang. And in my teenager, those of summer afternoon, his house under low side gathered some people always expect his JinKouYuYan. A stalk light wave, a cup of green tea in hand, grandpa voices in hot noonday traverses the heavens and the earth. A small side is party infinite stage, he freely roam the ancient and modern. Hero chivalrous man, fairy wild fox from the old one coming alive pages, achievement after strange scenery. Then he spoke most is "liao zhai zhi yi", the incessantly changed my eloquence of ghost fear. At that time I will insist that he is the most brilliant in the world of the kind old man.

Then the grandmother will come silently renewal of tea,gucci sunglass yellow xd 2802
and then smiled to see grandpa, that gentle vision, storage full is understand and appreciate.

The swiftness of love only one night (sad ~)


Don't know how he walked into this small mountain village. Dusk, I sat in the schoolhouse door to the distance of cold and cheerless, he wrote the parents when moving downriver. The slender figure just block the last rays according to my Yang
Light, I have no thought preparation to face the intruder.

And qi qin no different, if he put his shoulders sketchpad into guitar words.tiffanyco925 jewelry new styler 2011 earrings te104
"Hey," he says hello to me like this: "excuse me, but can I stay in this night?" I don't know how to answer him. In the run-down school, I was the only master, only 229 households in the village of miles below 5. "You are here HaiZiWang!" Didn't wait me to answer, he asked a question, I smile nod default. This is a let me feel of shabby place, except TuPing on that plane flying high, the five-star red flag here look how like a bullpen. "And you are same," he said: "I am also a person of exemplary virtue, I am a middle school in the city, the teaching art sketch." using leave out

Originally, nothing more than the counterpart of excite me. But I can't make a better meals to entertain him - in addition to the XueLiHong below. My poor and distress is clear, monthly salary of $50 a 40 yuan or shine to send mama cure, but he ate with relish, he said this noodles in the city at least sell 3 yuan. "Be? That I in the city can make a fortune - if I open a noodle shop in the town," he said. I'm happy to say, teapoy of flames kerosene lamps a glowing, according to our two I could not see the face.

He told me he called winter, born two years earlier than I. "What should I call you winter elder brother!" I said. "No, don't be so that, too ZhiFenQi, or call me xiao dong good." He then call me ping son, he first, write down a "flat" word, I say bad, it is the swiftness of ping. "Acquaintance?" He laughed, slender phoenix eye bulky picked a wipe happy light color. "We just walked down!"

Who say is not!

Winter says will give I portrait. He moved across the oil-lamp shines on my left,tiffanyco925 sterling silver tiffany jewelry pendants
and I lit candles in his presence. He let me side sit, and will look diagonally frames on his face, he seriously, I heard brush paint falls on paper "tonight" sound, every now and then he looked intently me, we often touching, sincere eyes and calm. Only half hour, a melancholy I fleshed out in the top left corner of the winter of painting, write down my name -- ping son. Below is his inscribe: small son, 1994 autumn winter.

"Nothing will send you, this will leave a mark!" Pass me the picture in winter. My hands whispered, thanks. Took This is the first I've ever received a present. I moved in this yet-and yet-o, can a lacklustre autumn, in the dim light, also for my painting only winter. Winter to my long braid very interested, he asked me leave so long hair need how long years. I said about 8 years. Winter uttered a exclaimed: "heavens, to eight years. You know the city girl in this years also don't know how many times change will hairstyle designs!" "How can I compared with them!" I said. Heart faint sentimentality, is also adolescent girl, but everyone's fate and how different life. Winter slightly sighed and said unfortunately no chance to take me to town, otherwise...... He didn't go on, pale face much I unexpected sad.